Friday, September 22, 2017

Alter Ego; The Polish Con Chicago Exclusives - Da Bears & Hot Times in Old Town

Right back at'cha with another quickie post featuring more Polish Con Chicago exclusives!  Hope you're ready for more beauties!  Guys, reviewing these and thinking about how fun the conventions are is making me really sad to miss out.  I wish my life wasn't so busy because I would totally go to them all to catch up with friends.  Anywho, this post features the exclusives from Alter Ego.  Loving both of these because I know they will be unique amongst the many holo and multi chrome offerings.  If you are going tomorrow and haven't tried Alter Ego I highly suggest you swing by her booth and pick up a few of her beauties!  She's a sweetheart too so give her a hug for me.

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KBShimmer; The Polish Con Chicago Exclusives - Bean There, Done That & The Age of Aquarium

Hey all!  Late night post!  Hope you're still up, I'm sure most of you are.  At least the ones heading in to Polish Con tomorrow!  So I'm going to throw my swatches in the ring, last minute, to help you make some very important decisions.  Those decisions are; BUY ALL THE POLISH!  I've got the 2 exclusives from KBShimmer to share and they are both amazing!  So let's not dilly dally and jump right in!  These will be available tomorrow at the Polish Con Chicago event.  I'm not sure if left overs will be available at a later date so keep watch on KB media for that info.
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nail Hoot; Flakie Feathered Friends, Haunted Mansion & Matte Talons Topcoat

Good evening dears!  I've been playing hooky with my kids after school sports schedule the last few days and it's been exquisite to just sit around and do things at home.  We actually all rode our bikes around the neighborhood together and have been hanging out in the backyard.  So we are feeling happy right now.  I'm also relishing in the cooler weather.  I've been able to bust out my booties, wearing jeans and Mr. Rogers cardigans over outfits.  I'm also enjoying a wine cooler, so yeah...HAPPY!  While I'm waiting for my hubby to make me a pizza in our new pizza oven I'm going to share this brand new Nail Hoot collection with you.  The Flakie Feathered Friends is a fun collection of jelly polishes full of shimmer and flakies!  You can pick up the Flakie Feathered Friends tomorrow, 9/22 at 7pm Central.  This collection will be available individually, in sets and mini sets!  You will also be able to purchase the Haunted Mansion and Matte Talons topcoat.  So let's jump and in see the polish!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

KBShimmer; I Don't Want No Shrubs, My Nail Polish Obsession Collaboration

Evening beauties!  I'm super duper happy to share this with you!  Excuse the excessive exclamation marks! Ok ok ok.  I'm sure you've heard that KBShimmer is launching a Blogger Collaboration Collection soon.  Some have been shared already.  They're all really gorgeous and fun and the inspirations were cool.  I'm so lucky that I got to create one and I get to share mine with you right now. YAY!, here's the first look at I Don't Want No Shrubs!  The entire Blogger Collaboration collection will be debuting on 9/21 and will be available on 10/13.  The other awesome news is that this whole collection is 5-free!   So keep your eyes peeled for my post featuring the rest!  Let's jump in and see my pictures of I Don't Want No Shrubs.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Alter Ego; Holo Maniacs Custom - Princess Rose

Morning beauties!  Did you survive the weekend??  I barely did. Slumber party with 6 little girls all about 6 years old.  Then I feel like I wasn't even home on Sunday because I had so many soccer games!  So I used today to decompress and catch up on a few things.  Tonight I have a new Alter Ego to share with you!  This one is a custom for the Holo-Maniac group!  You have to me a member of the group to purchase this purple beauty.  Princess Rose will be available during the month of September.  Ok, let's jump in and check it out!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Vapid Lacquer Halloween Quartet

Hullo!  It's late. Or is it early?  The last 2 days have been a blur.  It's been go go go and right now I have 6 little girls in my living room from a slumber party and I'm not sure if any of us slept.  Thankfully my boys don't mind being shunned to their rooms for the night while the girls take over.  And at least I know they got sleep.  So I meant to get this post up yesterday, but like I said, it's been about 48 hours of non-stop mom life.  So if you're a night owl, let's talk about Vapid Lacquer!  So there are these Halloween polishes.  You may know them.  They are returning classics.  They are gorgeous!  Let's just jump in so you can appreciate them for their dark, broody beauty.  And then you can make a plan to pick up the Halloween Quartet later today (9/17) during the restock at 6pm CST!  

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fit Snack Box: August 2017

Afternoon all!  Gah, when is California going to cool down.  It's still 95+ and I don't want to run or walk or do anything much more than sit around in my air conditioned house.  Also I'm just chilling until it's time to go to Back to School night...yay!  Kids are excited and it's always fun to see what they are doing in class.  
So let's talk about the Fit Snack Box.  I've also had this post sitting in my que for a while and you know what that means, this particular box isn't available anymore. But you can pick up the September one now!  Anyways, the August box was full of tons of new-to-me products and several that I really enjoyed!  As usual, I will provide links to each brand.  And don't forget, you can save $3 off a box using my link HERE!  Let me know what products sounds good to you, which would you buy?  Or which have you tried?

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